Born in June 1970, I was of course influenced by the rock music of the 70's and 80's that I grew up with, such as Kiss, the Ramones or the Misfits, just to name the most important ones for me ;)



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Rocking the stages with the Silly Encores for twenty years, that's a tune that resonates.  Six albums, hundreds of concerts, and lots of unforgettable moments made the time with the Silly Encores something special to all of us. With acoustic guitar and a much glasses of wine. This is how the memories of the wild funny days stay alive, in the songs that still mean the world to me. ...



Guitar and vocals with the horror punk band "ASTROPUSSY"
ASTROPUSSY play classic punk rock similar to the Misfits, for example, and were founded end of October 2020. Their lyrics are about love and hate, killer psychopaths, alien attacks and stories from horror and B-movies. Most of the stories are fictitious, however, and the band tries not to take themselves too seriously with the lyrics. ".. It's just more fun to invent fictional stories and to write nasty lyrics that you can smile about yourself ...".....
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Guitar/vocals with the rock punk rock band "30 FINGERS"
The RockPunkRock Band 30 FINGERS was founded in November 2012 and consists partly of musicians from the Langenfeld bands Später & Silly Encores.
The idea of founding the band came to the 3 fathers in their children's schoolyard of all places, where they were planning to celebrate the finest 70's stadium rock ;) The mixture of the mostly own songs is wide-ranging, with influences such as e.g. "Pink Floyd" with "Motörhead", or "Kiss" with "Sex Pistols", and lots of fun. 30 Fingers say: 2 parts rock, 1 part punk, in short RockPunkRock. By the way: 30 Fingers wrote the official song "Battle Cry" especially for the SG Langenfeld Devils (inline skater hockey), and with the song "Ode to Single Malt" the band won one of the companies "Marshall Amps" & "Music Store" on the Internet Announced song contest for a drinker's song. At that time 30 Fingers only had 2 songs ;) Dietmar Noack - drums Martin Behmerburg - guitar, vocals Thomas Simon - bass, vocals ..... Facebook




Guitar on the "LAYLA MILOU" album "Reborn", with guest appearances by Paul Di anno (ex-Iron Maiden), Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath), and Clawfinger. Also guitar on the single "Access Denied"
"..... With the help of co-producer/ co-mixer Sascha Schwung, a total of 11 new songs were written, arranged, recorded, and mixed. Now, I don't know what the live band situation for this young woman is like, but I'm very much under the impression that she does not work with a band of her own, but with hired musicians. On the new album, all bass and drums were played by Johnny Gee and T. White Jackson respectively, but as far as the guitars are concerned, things vary. For starters, for móst songs, the services of one Martin Behmerburg (guitarist of German Punk Rock outfit Silly Encores) were hired...and on móst songs he is coupled to Bjoern Donath (about whom no info what-so-ever is divulged). Exceptions are the duet ballad “Bloody Valentine”, on which all guitars were played by one Thomas Burghof, the Power duet “Your Own Control”, which finds additional guitar licks played by Oliver Schwung, and “Disconnected”, on which Behmerburg, Donath, and Schwung get fortification from Aaron Goldberg (of LA based US act Army Of Freshmen). Now...I've already mentioned the duet order to make this “comeback” album even more extraordinary, guest vocalists Tony Martin (on the ballad; you know him, amongst others, from having had a tenure with Black Sabbath) and Paul DiAnno (on the Power duet; still my favourite Iron Maiden vocalist!) were attracted, and Layla herself enticed Jocke Skog (Clawfinger) to do a remix of the song “Access Denied”, ...... Tony Holemans 83/100 ....." ... read more  by



Guitarist of the punk rock band "SILLY ENCORES", with whom I recorded 5 studio albums and a live album, and played countless concerts
SILLY ENCORES were formed in 1988 by Alex Flöck, Robert Hrenek, Andy Schulz, Ralf Heinrichs and Stefan Simson. The group had released seven albums, including a live CD. In addition, their music appeared on various samplers, on which DIE ÄRZTE, DIE TOTEN HOSEN, THE DAMNED and  even KISS were also part of the party. At their more than 700 concerts played in Germany and neighboring countries, the Langenfeld punk rockers stood on and behind the stage together with greats like NOFX, SLIME, EXTRABREIT, Hot Water Music, PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES and many others. Varied punk rock with more than just simple 3-chord riffs and convincing vocal melodies, without betraying the existing role models. The SILLY ENCORES consistently followed this line for almost 25 years. SILLY ENCORES were a self-confessed live band. After busy live presentation of the first two albums "Merchant Bankers" and "Water Pistol Riot", guitarist "Andy" left the band and was quickly replaced by Martin Behmerburg (also called Bumsi ). As well as the subsequent creative phase until autumn 1996 (songwriting and recording of over 30 new songs), the quintet started with the albums "Jaguar Zebra", "Tag der Pfändung" and "Live" in the direction of the stages of the Republic. In doing so, the band also opened up in the direction of German-language lyrics, which were an integral part of the otherwise English-language live program. After the release of the "Live" record in 1999, the CD "Stripes and Stars" was released in spring 2000. This time for a change with the Hamburg BIG BALLS – had recorded their 6th disc. The mastering genius "Michael Schwabe" (works for NINA HAGEN, DIE TOTEN HOSEN, TITO AND TARANTULA etc. ) was there again at the controls and listened to the best of the material. With »Stripes and Stars«, the quintet remained true to the claim of never just wanting to copy themselves, but just as little discarding the roots of passionate rough'n'roll. This time the SILLY ENCORES once again bridged the gap between relaxed, earthy guitars and driving beats to sometimes thoughtful sounds that prove the reliable feeling for melodies. Dirty, nasty and loud, that's what »Amplified« sounds like - the eighth disc by the SILLY ENCORES, and it wasn't planned any differently ! Since the longtime singer left the band at the end of 2002, the compromised SILLY ENCORES of earlier times no longer existed. After 7 albums and hundreds of gigs across the country, the band only did what they really wanted to do … dirty guitar riffs with rough vocals about hate, love and what leads to it, dirty punk'n'roll who wants to be heard loud. SILLY ENCORES  had undoubtedly matured, but that's exactly why they were able to convey their credo like no other band in the area at their gigs. In doing so, the band skillfully interspersed their current program with the pearls from earlier days, which today would still lure so many relatives in spirit from the home to the concerts. Since the beginning of 2007 "Andi Weiland" took over the microphone with the SILLY ENCORES. In 2010, SILLY ENCORES recorded the single "Konditionstraining" before longtime drummer "Malte" left the band and to join the 100Blumen later. A successor on drums was found with "Alex Wohlfahrt" from MASSENDEFEKT, but the band broke up at the end of 2012. Afterwards, “Andi” took over playing bass for THE PORTERS and guitarist “Bumsi” founded the bands 30 FINGERS and then ASTROPUSSY....... Facebook



Guitar vocals and founding member of the metal band "BLACK INSANITY"
BLACK INSANITY was founded in 1987 by drummer "Hakan Topcu" and guitarist "Martin Behmerburg" with the aim of being the loudest, fastest and heaviest band around. The concept quickly took off and with "Stefan Wolter" (voc.) and "Jürgen Kuhles" (git.) suitable comrades-in-arms were quickly found in the fight against radio suitability. There have been many changes in the bass position in "Black Insanity" over the years. Since 1987, various bass players such as Wolfgang "Witti" Plautz, Dirk Plautz, Jörg "Torment"kuchenbäcker" and Robert Gumilar have been playing the four low strings of the band. Lots of performances followed and "Black Insanity" were a kind of regular guest at annual events such as the Langenfeld Rock Night. No wonder, because to this day it has not been forgotten that only "Black Insanity" managed to fill the Langenfeld town hall until it was completely sold out . The very first demo cassette "Nightmare Collection" alone (recorded in 1988 in the rehearsal room with a microphone and portable cassette recorder) sold 800 copies. The band couldn't keep up with cassette copying. In 1992 Hakan left the band to take his chance at the Duisburg band "Gallows Pole". They had just landed a good deal and later released 2 longplayers. 1994 followed the departure of Martin, who since then has been with the "Silly Encores" and has already played several records and tours. After a few more years with a new workforce (last line up: Jürgen [git], Robbi [bas] , Burkhard "Woody" [drm], Andre [voc] Thomas [git]) the band finally broke up. "Black Insanity" bootleg live videos are actually traded as cult today. So it is not surprising that said videos appear today in illegal internet file sharing networks. But not only that is the current incentive for Hakan, Martin and the original singer Stefan, "Black Insanity" had released a total of 3 demo tapes between 1988 and 1994, but the sound quality was too bad to find a suitable label. "Black Insanity" owe their old followers - including themselves, by the way - at least one decent CD. It should come at some point and offer more than rehearsal room sound through a cheap microphone. But that won't work anymore. Unfortunately, Stefan died at the end of 2019 ,-(



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